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*After what appears an eternity Jammes is called back into the Council chamber.*

Luke: Master Windrider, we have reached a decision. We do not believe you have fallen to the darkside but your actions were.... willfully misguided.

Kam: We have decided that you cannot be allowed to teach here, if you had a Padawan be assured they would be placed with another Master.

Corran: A task will be found for you, until then you will remain on Coruscant, we place to other restrictions on you.

Luke: You may go now.

*Jammes bows.*

Jammes: As you wish, masters.

*He turns and leaves, closing the door on his exit. One of the Ante Room Jedi enters and bows.*

Jedi: Masters?

Flax: Send in the Vilinovs.

((Cracken, I'm waiting on you to arrive at Yaga Minor.))

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