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I don't know if anyone knows of this website already, but if it's not a joke it really is the most absurd website i've ever come across.
He has created an entire website, posing as a "...High-Paid consultant with lucasfilm". He's written pages and pages of interviews with George Lucas, talking about how he will make episodes 7 to 9 to start in 2014 and 10 to 12, only supershadow has read the script apparently.

Originally Posted by
George Lucas: SuperShadow has decided not to direct the sequels. Instead he will hand the reins to Ridley Scott for Episode 7, Peter Jackson for Episode 8 and the brilliant James Cameron for Episode 9. I trust Shadow‘s instincts to go with these very accomplished directors.
It really is the most ridiculous thing I have ever seen, he has also written a Star Wars Questions Database which also gives pages of incorrect information, a map of the Star Wars Galaxy,
a "...rundown of what Lucas and I did during an average day at the Ranch."

Details of "SuperShadow's Employment with Lucasfilm"

and unbelievably a page to which I won't link called "SuperShadows Girlfriend" he's uploaded 40 pictures of a model from some website (you can clearly see where he has erased the copyright tag from the original website.)

I don't know how anyone else feels about this but i'm amazed that someone has spend so long giving such an amount of blatantly false information.

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