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Originally Posted by DSbr-FlashRam
Ok. But i'm not going to play by your honor rules. I'm still going to play intelligently. SOZ DOOD!!! but i'm not going to just stand there while you want to drain me. Just because that's what you and your idiot friends do doesn't mean that's what i'm going to do. That's just flat out stupid jk2 gaming. I'll still win dude. Then you'll find something else to complain about, probably my tactics. Here is the thing man....your game is saber FF...but you really can't play it, since you have to tweak the settings. I'm totally confident i'm still going to beat you on tweaked non-legit regen because you're just a stupid player. Now, on MY gametype....full weapon, it doesn't matter what you want to tweak i'm still going to rape you beyond all belief.
The funniest thing about these guys is that they operate on multiple levels of escaping from reality. It might be said that an idealist does the same, but at least the dream is in terms of a hopeful, humanistic future based in reality. However, where most other players in games lacking an insane RPG fanbase hide from reality through a single vicarious layer--the direct competitive and intellectual challenge of the gaming experience--, maniacs like SnakeEyes are working on much higher levels of denial. They travel beyond the initial level of vicarious escape to a profound degree, creating multiple levels of vicarious escape within the initial experience, eventually forming a tiny, layered bubble of delusion. As the layers grow in number, the bubble becomes more and more translucent and prison-like until the newbie is completely lost within his own tiny little world of escape, to his liking of course. The smaller and less intensive/intelligent his negative-ideal becomes, the smaller amount of harmful gaming factors he has to deal with. This state of hypnotized insanity in trade for the reality of his situation is the ultimate realization of his negative-ideal, that is of course until the incarnation of the super elite (aka anyone authentically brandishing the golden tandem reading "DSbr" in their utility belt of achievement) decides to intervene.

As the tiny newbie bubble is completely lacking in fortification, it is all to easy for the "DSbr super elite" (official terminology as ordained by divine command) to titillate. Once the bubble of faux-reality is destroyed, the newbie is left with nothing to cling on to. As he now stands naked before the eyes of God, the result can only be an epic psychological breakdown. The touch of dominant reality burns the fragile skin of the newly exposed newbie. With his mania no longer contained, uncontrolled, frothing insanity begins to explode in all directions as can be witnessed in SnakeEyes's aforementioned reply.

Newbies beware: the holy incarnation of DSbr is here to destroy your vulgar constructs and liberate you from the frivolity and cowardice that serves to infect your will. SnakeEyes, you should be honored to even have come in contact, if only via proxy, with such eminence. Bow before your creator, infidel.

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