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i haven't had many weird ones except these two, one i was in mustafar jumpin out windows (it's fun when you first find out there's no glass on them) and backed tword the railing so i could see the window better and i just kept backin cause i thought the rails would stop me well it didn't and i was sure i was fallin to my death in the lava but i somehow landed on the hill. So after waiting a few minutes to restart my heart i tried climbing the hill and i almost made it when i fell through the hill and could see all the lava an such for a few seconds before i was killed from the drop. the second one was when i was doin the glitch that lets you walk around the outside of the ship and instead of landing inside the hangar shield my ship landed on the little bar that goes around the ship i found that a bit strange but went about my buisness up there for awhile when i had a brilliant and evil idea: i would take a sprinting leap off the capital ship onto (muwahahaha!) a nearby frigate so i did everything as planned and lept off my ship into space... and then watched the frigates thrusters sloooowwwwlyyyy pass my body as i dropped down into the depths of space (note i tried again later when i saw a frigate partly under the capital i could definitly make but instead of the slow falling saving me i crashed to my death on my own ship.
wow that was long up up.... and awaaaay! *flys off*
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