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Originally Posted by DSbr-FlashRam
Since in that other thread you were going off about how "TRUE SKILL IS FORCE" and "THE ONLY REASON SOMEONE WOULDN'T USE FORCE IS BECAUSE THEY AREN'T GOOD AT IT" I figured it wasn't your bag.
No actually that was me and I can't help but reinforce that your technological terrors are no match for the powah of the force.

Originally Posted by SnakeEyes
Running away during duel isnt a duel, LOL. You know how you stand to duel NF? Your supposed to fight the same with force not run away an hide when your low cause you spent your force wrong.
Running away in a NF duel is the most cowardly thing you can do in the game. That said, you are WRONG WRONG WRONG when it comes to full force battles, WRONG!

Anything goes, anything! Even bacta! *gasp*

Originally Posted by DSbr-FlashRam
That makes no sense dude. You can't just make up insane honor rules. Nobody tells Fatal1ty in CPL matches that "DOOD U CANT RUN AND GET HEALTH WTF U CANT HIDE". That's not the way competition matches are played. Anything goes dude. I won't play with your honor rules. I'm going to do anything that I feel gives me an advantage to win. It's not my fault you are a stupid gamer who can't adapt to simple gaming strategy 101.
I agree with you...mostly. Though let's say that your on a NF ffa server and there's a big fun ffa on the streets of bespin. What if you were having fun with everyone and decided to get health everytime you were low.... personally I think thats a little biatch move.

As for CTF, full weapon competitive gameplay it's just part of the game I guess. If I had a server I would have all health removed, that way no one could bitch about anything.

Oh and why don't you just quit the immature name calling. This kind of stuff is nothing to get huffity puffity about.
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