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Shadow Base

*Shane stands waiting for Aren's answer, unaffected by the ground shaking. Aren stands with her staff held in a defensive position*

Shane: You aren't really planning on fighting me like that?

*The four remaining kidnappers, minus the blue-armored woman who hovers in the background on her bike under a shield, seem to pass unheard communication amongst themselves. The elf wizard suddenly strikes her wand to the floor, shouts something incomprehensible, and light billows from her wand to surround herself and the three others.*

Shane: Oh, why look at this. They intend to attack me first.

*The elf points her wand at Shane. A streak of light an odd shade of puce fires from her wand at him, and quick as thought, he raises one sword to intercept it. The stream of light flies off to the left. Shane crouches and catapults up through the air, landing in the very center of the group of four.

He swings the blade in his left arm at the sword arm of the nearest ork twin. A splash of light erupts as the blade connects with her elbow; the weapon doesn't pierce. Simultaneously, his right sword smashes the armored fingers of the second ork twin, again with a splash of light.

The first ork drops her sword, her elbow reversed in direction, arm dangling uselessly. The second ork drops the morningstar she was holding two-handed, the fingers of her hands broken.

The tank-armored man swings his halberd. Shane leaps out of the way, throwing the sword in his right hand directly at the tank-man's head. The sword rebounds in a splash of light, and the tank-man's head is thrown back.

Shane leaps over the elf wizard's head, lands in front of her and blasts fire into her face. She screams and drops her wand, hands clutching at her eyes.

Shane extends his hand and the first ork's sword leaps into it, surrounded by the same rippling light that the four kidnappers are shrouded in. With another motion he thrusts the sword through her owner's throat.

Second ork twin: *screaming as her sister falls* KIRIIIIIIII!

*The tank-man swipes his halberd again. Shane leaps over it, then leaps again, calling his dropped sword back into his right hand, landing in front of the tank-man and stabbing both swords point first into his glowing eyeslits. The man stumbles forward, eyes leaking glowing light, blinded.

Mere seconds have passed. Aren is backing towards her ship, which has unfolded itself into an open position. She is dialing commands on her armband with one hand, holding her staff with another*

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