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Viper stopped. He rolled out of the way as a few shots came his way. He dodged fire and made his way to a door but it was locked. He was covered by the small amount of wall between the door and the corridoor though. He signalled to Chazz to take out the droideka on the left. If Chazz got the message Viper never knew. Viper armed a EMP grenade and threw it at the droids.
"Theres more than one way to do this"
He planeted a charge on the door and stepped back. The door blew apart and Viper ran inside. He looked around. There was a ventilation system in the corner. He took the hath off and examined it. He clambered in and made though thw inding tunnels using a map on his wrist comm. He decided to get out where their auto turret defence maninframe was so he could blow that up. He kicked the vent open and climbed out of the hole. He saw the mainframe but it was guarded by droids. Viper withdrew his pistols and start shooting....


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