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Originally Posted by Filotyn Taradon
I can't open it because i downloaded jedi outcast. Do you hav any screens of it? I want to know what it is.
So you downloaded Jedi Outcast? Or you downloaded the demo?

I'm guessing your saying that you downloaded the demos because you were inquiring as to why g_saberrealisticombat 1 wasn't working. In that case you need to type in "devmapall" before entering any cheats into the command line.

Now if you did in fact download the demos and you have a working copy of JO. Simply read the directions Shadow so kindly provided:

Originally Posted by [CM
Shadow]If you don't know how to view the demo:

a) Put demos in gamedata/base/demos. If you don't have a demos folder, go into base and create one.

b) Open JKII, play, play demo, select the demo.

c) Don't press any buttons during playback.

Still have questions?

Lastly... in the off chance that you downloaded JO illegally, please go away... no one likes a stinky pirate!

EDIT: Oh and the demos are absolutely hilarious, I was laughing so hard as its hilarious to see players like Melord get owned.

I especially liked the part where Shadow was kicked off into the oblivion only to return and own him in a duel.

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