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Red face official released map

The map I'm wanting to remake is in the sp game its the one with the sandcrawler..and if you know how to do it you had to learn some how how did you learn it, why wont you tell me? is it some kind've trade secret? your afraid of someone using your map ideas to make new ones? isn't that what everyone is doing, using Lucas's ideas and revolutionizing them to suit thier fancies? If someone uses your idea and publishes it without your consent thats when they've done you wrong, but it's not the ability to decompile maps thats the problem there, its the inconsideration of the person . But I will take your advice, I'll contact Raven..or better yet I'll just make a whole new level altogether as crappy as it might be I just thought I'd take a cool level and make it cooler but now the world will see a crappy newbie map with maybe some interesting new ideas. good DAY sir!
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