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Let me just add a little history here.
When JKO 1st came out everyone would play bespin run to the middle an DFA for hours an hours on Saber only servers and there were VERY FEW saber only servers.
FFA servers which made up of 70%-80% of all servers, guns were used a lot but as people figured out how to defend with force against guns, like saber defence level 3 an just stand infront of someone with a energy weapon that you could deflect, ect. more and more people started to use force an eventually pull to backstab became rampant. A few months down the road though people started using absorb with guns an would own the room non-stop because from a tactical point absorb+speed+guns is broken. Because nothing but absorb+speed+guns can match it. Just think about it, if your using a gun an cant have it pulled out of your hand=dark force users are F*cked. Combine that with extremely low force regen an its just stupid game play. Sabers became worthless cause you could NEVER get near someone with absorb+speed+straf-jumpin even if you pull rolled, unless you did the same. The game became another quake/doom clone because all of sudden sabers became TOTALLY useless, simply because of absorb+gunners.
As people figured this out they raised force regen from default to specifically combat this problem an BALANCE the game, even THEN though people had problems competeing against absorber+guns, unless you used it too. So they got rid of guns because they were too strong when compared to sabers an force an I think most wanted JKO to get its unique-ness back by making sabers usefull again, so you started to see lots of saber only servers. As those became more prevelent new insights into saber combat came about as everyone played it more an more cause thats all there was, saber only servers. So you see the evolution of the game to reach balance was to remove guns because they are too strong compared to force. Force needs to regen, guns will always be stronger because you dont have to regen ammo.-(
An most notably you have to be right next to someone to use your saber, guns have a range advantage obviously. Why do you think they made a 1.03 patch an nerfed guns? Only problem is that they removed some of the things with sabers an force as well with 1.03 patch.
So after guns were removed the force regen was still set high from where it was for combating guns for balance on most the servers an changed saber force combat a LOT. An thats were most servers are still set today, the whole reason your running away in force saber combat is your waiting for your force to regen if its set high you dont have to run an can stand and face me, understand? An when its set high I could drain you a ton an it doesnt make much of a difference because again your force regens quickly.
We'll have to play again soon, maybe in the next couple days or so.

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