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If you cannot ply on the default settings, then you need to practice against Bots more. Get some bots from, ones that aren't completely stupid, and play them with default settings.

I really think it matters less than a cockroach's fart that it's "popular" to turn up regen. It's a stupid modification. And quite seriously, yes, you do need to ude the guns to keep up with the guns. With practice, that isn't so hard. Saber them if they're dumb enough to get close or if you're running low on ammo (I hate the DL-44 in FFA) but come ON here...

If you turn a corner and see a huge firefight, charging with the saber WILL get you in the crossfire. Guaranteed. The logical solution? Whip out the Rocket Launcher, Flechette, Heavy Repeater, or whatever, and decimate them! You can do much faster damage, and the splash damage from the Heavy Repeater can kill multiple foes, or, on ns_streets, send them scurrying to the bottom of the abyss.

My point is that guns play a big role in FFA. As for duel, it's mostly Sabers, but insisting on improved regen makes you a . Pure and simple.

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