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You don't know what you are talking about SnakeEyes. You are just talking about the mass newbie public server FFA scene. Who cares about that? I'm talking about the hardcore elite competition scene. The people who actually played the game in ladders and tournaments. There is far more to being an effective gunner than absorb+speed. Obviously there are the tried and true complexities such as map domination and item timing. The countless strategies and levels of craftiness that a full weapon deathmatch can provide. But JK2 is not, as you said, a quake clone, because of the added complexity of force. In quake one can't push your weapon back in your face, nor can they jump far above you in the air. Full force Full weapon in JK2 is a very complex game in its own right and saying it is the same as quake shows a lack of understanding of the gamemode. Once again, your "history" is of PUBLIC FFA NEWBIE SERVERS!!!! Real gamers in jk2 seperated the two. Full Weapon and Saber Only became seperate in competition. You are completely wrong to say that Raven tried to balance full weapon and sabers. They knew this wasn't possible and never tried. Weapons were never nerfed after 1.02.

Bottomline, even after 4 years of 1.02 sabers you can't beat me at the default duel setting after i've played it all of 3 weeks. I accept your challenge of playing you on your weird tweaked non-legit settings and I guarantee you will find something new to whine about.
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