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The siblings exchanged loooks and Nom stepped slightly forward.

"I suspect something of our previous business is known to the Council," he said cautiously, glancing at Alyssa. "Assassinations mainly... but of no man that didn't deserve death anyway." Tarila winced, but said nothing, allowing her brother to continue. Clearing his throat slightly, he did so.

"But we're growing tired of slipping about in plain sight," he went on. "We grow tired of our old profession. While I doubt we'll find anything quite so highly paying as assassinations, we're looking for other work."

"We're tired of killing people," Tarila said, stepping up next to her brother. "We want legal work."

"Not honest work?" Alyssa asked, amused and on cue.

"Honest work is what we currently do," Nom replied. "Killing people that need killing. It's honest because it does something a year of political debate won't solve. Legal work's different. There may be more obstacles, but you don't run the risk of prison."

"We're tired of sneaking around," Tarila said. "The reason we came to you for this is simple. Anywhere else we suspect would sooner take our heads than listen to us."

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