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((And why would we have red flagged you?

edit: ****ing twins, what is wrong with me? ))

Shadow Base

*Aren doubles over as if in pain, clutching herself.

She raises her head. Her facial features are changing, the bone structure rearranging itself...

She tosses a small, black, blocky device through the air towards Gortick, Ellela and Matt*

Aren: Take this! My ship... the code is "Leisha"...

*She doubles over again. Her hair shifts color to bright red. She raises her head again, and she is a different person. Her features are sharper, cheekbones higher, eyes of a different shape.

The remaining ork twin runs at Shane, shouting a cry of rage and hurt. Shane watches as she approaches, and simply kicks her aside as she meets him. She falls and tries to catch herself, and cries out again when she lands on her broken hands.

The elf wizard crawls for her wand. Shane leaps and smashes her head into the ground with his boot. She stops moving, blood pooling around her. Shane crouches and holds his swords out. Light beams appear to gather into them, and he brings the swords down on the elf's wand. It shatters.

Simultaneously, the woman in the bike streaks towards Matt, Ellela and Gortick, hitting them with a barrage of fire, forcing them on the defensive. She circles around and grabs Aidan's unconscious body, scooping him onto her bike and bringing up her shield again.

An object flies from Aren's ship and into her outstretched hand. A blade materializes like quicksilver from the object, and a fiery glow of bright crimson surrounds it*


Asgardried Lounge

Marin: What? How much time?


Asgardried, Guy's Ship

Guy: You should expect a magic battle. They are being held at a very large base, run by Shadows, and are currently being attacked by Blade agents. Our best strategy is to stay as unnoticed as possible and engage no one and nothing in combat, even if fired on. Avoid attracting the attention of a Blade if at all possible. I'm sure you can recognize them by their uniforms.

You should probably know that warp-space travel - the kind my ship can provide - could get us there in minutes, because the base houses very strong warp attractors to facilitate speedy travel. We must arrive before the base is demolished. We cannot expect the Blades to take prisoners.

*Alarms sound inside Guy's ship*

Guy: K'Warra? What are you doing?

*Patterns of light are running across and around K'Warra's skin.*

K'Warra: Preparing.

Guy: If you could do that outside... spell performance of that kind could damage this ship's internal machinery...

K'Warra: Then you need a better ship, so it won't be a great loss, will it?

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