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the Force was with me here it is, though i had to cut the original chapter of both the fights to only on fight. BTW: this is the second last or third last chpater of the fic, so dont get pissed off with the happenings.

“Don’t do this, Tara.” Mace gasped as he desperately fought his former Padawan. Even with Yoda fighting alongside him, he was finding it very difficult to back her off. Yoda jumped over her and began attacking her from behind. But even with his superior lightsaber and Force skills, Tara was impossibly blocking both his and Mace’s blows with only one saber.
“This only proves that Jedi are pathetic.” Tara said and continued dueling with them. Suddenly, Yoda turned and ran a few steps away; he then came running towards them. He jumped up and aimed his leg at Tara for an aerial kick. Tara sensed his approach and spun around swiftly in a roundhouse kick that connected hard with Yoda’s stomach, sending him rocketing away. She turned back to Mace and slashed at his arm viciously. He barely ducked, resulting in only a cut on his bicep instead of the whole arm being lopped off. He dropped to his knees and spun with his right leg outstretched. Tara jumped over his leg the first time but on the second spin, was knocked of her feet. She landed hard and the lightsaber dropped from her hand. As Mace raised his blade, she desperately kicked out and connected just on his Solar Plexus. The wind knocked out of him, he dropped to his knees, his lightsaber clattered onto the floor. Tara kicked out again and connected hard with Mace’s face. He fell back and crawled away, hand to his nose. When he got up again, his nose was bleeding away to glory. He called his lightsaber to him and ignited it, using the Force to heal his nose up. Yoda, recovering from his blow, got to his feet and thumbed his saber on too. In unison, they jumped at Tara, but it seemed the dumbest thing anyone would do. Tara just stepped to the side and they collided hard. Tara brought her saber down but Yoda jumped up again and blocked it. Just as Mace got to his feet, Tara jump-kicked and knocked him down again.
“Aarem; now.” she commanded and the other cloaked figure who was watching the battle quietly started firing at them. Mace rolled away and regained ground with a Force-aided leap to RM. he swung the blade simply and the droid was cleaved neatly in two. He then reverse-jumped back into the fray and started on the offensive. Tara was now backing down to the other door. It hissed open as the sensors picked up sentients approaching, and in front of them lay the Emperor’s Personal Hangar. Tara backed down through the door and stopped, Force-pushing the Jedi a few feet back. She held her lightsaber tightly, trying to keep it steady because of all the sweat in her palms. She suddenly turned and ran to the edge of the hangar bay and ran up the forcefield as if it was a wall, then back flipped behind them. She used the Force to secure herself to the ground and then pulled a lever on a control panel across the room. The forcefield died and the low air pressure outside began to suck out the hangar atmosphere. Yoda acted with lightning reflexes and grabbed a ship’s landing stud with the Force. He seemed to be bobbing up and down like a demented balloon. Mace, however, flew out. He barely managed to grab the edge of the opening in the building. Seeing Tara stationary, he used the Force to stop the winds from pushing him and jumped at her. Seeing him coming, she raised her blade, but both of them failed to notice the other’s weapon’s trajectory. Mace landed next to Tara, impaling her on his blade and getting himself impaled on hers. Yoda finally managed to push the lever back into its place and the forcefield sparked into place. He dropped to the ground and slowly got up. He looked at Mace’s and Tara’s bodies lying on the ground sadly.
He turned to the Hangar entrance and walked off quickly to help Obi Wan against Vader.

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