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Originally Posted by Fred Tetra
Do you (or anyone else, for that matter) have a saved game for 950cor or 262tel? Warping to them doesn't work right, and I don't remember if these are just for cutscenes or were someplace the player visits.
262TEL is Atris Polar Academy. It's both visited by the player (with a dialog/cutscene when first entering), then used in a series of cutscenes if you have the Handmaiden in your group, and then visited by the player again (with a different sequence of cutscenes starting that visit). Since it's used for so many different occasions it probably causes trouble if you warp to it at the wrong stage of the game.

950COR is the set for the "holo-recording" interactive cutscene after you first leave the Polar Academy. It's the dual-stage area with the party gathered in the Ebon Hawk's main hold, and the Jedi Council chamber on Coruscant. The area is only used as a part of this scene. It has an event script that fires the scene when the module is loaded, but it probably has some conditions that makes the scene only fire once, causing problems if you warp back there.

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