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Thanks, folks! A bunch of saves AND a module description! What a nice thing to read first thing in the morning.

Last night I built up the 801-803dro modules. Since there's no .git/.ifo/etc. calibrating the map is harder than normal, as these files will have to be created nearly from scratch. This is also going to be the case with any other modules for which the 3d model exists but not the other game resources.

<edit>Update: I replaced the onEnter/cutscene scripts with an empty one and was able to double check the visibility in the modules in question. The reason for visiting these modules is that some have models with non-walkable exterior elements meant to be seen from inside a set of rooms, as a realistic backdrop. Since these can be quite large and one cannot place things on them, I am able to reduce the map image "span" to only include the usable interior parts, keeping map image sizes more reasonable.

On another note, the 950cor module is not completely walkable; only the parts need for the cutscenes are present. In fact, if one walks down one of the corridors, they end up outside and above the ship!

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