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I'm sure scientists recently observed the creation of a new species of butterfly.. i'll have a look for the link if i get time.

Also, the church of england is, i think, both protestant, christian and supportive of evolution. I remember reading a survey where about 9/10 CoE priests said they believed in evolution... so its not like evolution and christianity (or any religion for that matter) are incompatible. Many scientist think that the more they uncover of the wonders of evolution the more majestic it appears.. so maybe there is a god behind it all... But the method he used is unquestionably evolution, not genesis, or any other of the lovely stories that abound.

Catholisism may be weird, but its by far the largest and most influential of the christian sects, and all the other sects (no matter how they may have diverged) are deeply rooted in early catholic teachings. As such they have contributed to the beliefs of pretty much all christians... even if some have now decided to become strangely selective in terms of the part of catholic teachings that they believe to be infallible, and the parts they believe to be wrong. You could probably argue that the bible itself is a creation of the catholic church.. so to challenge them on it seems odd.

As far as I can tell there has been no NEW EVIDENCE to support genesis, or the indian thunderbird myths, or any other creation story that isn't from the original source and time period. Evolution on the other hand has had new evidence upon new evidence discovered by scientists from all over the world over the past 100 years. All creationists can do is try to pick holes in other work, as they can't find anything new to support their own beliefs..

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