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(Sos I havnt posted on here for a while)

Jax threw how cloak to the floor and took out his saber and ignited it.
The blue glow filled the room. The man smiled. He took out a lightsaber and ignited it. The red saber imitted a glow all over his face. Jax knew that face. He stumbled backwards
He smiled
"Yes. I know what you've done. You have changed time...and for the worste. Now Rezillo will not fall to the dark side and Lars will never be trained. This also means Gus will never meat Kaitlyn and she will never be able to kill me"
" do you know this?"
"Do you remember my turn to the darkside"
"well....I wasn't born"
"I fell into a pit of Lava after fighting your master....Phinius. He belived if he tried to kill me the dark side or "sith" would never return. But he was wrong. My master found me and using new technology made me live. You could say he upgraded me."
"Phinius was a good man!"
"That he was. I was sorry to hear about his death.....even if I caused it"
Jax gripped his blade. He had to control his hatred and anger other wise he would go down the same road again. He Stepped away from Zion. Zion laughed. And walked towards him. Jax raised his blade to defend himself. Zion started to attack. Jax blocked the attack. Jax raised his blade and attacked Zion....


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