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Jax spun around
He stopped. Zion laughed. No Jax had to stop Zion. A movement in the shadows was watching Gus. When Gus got up he ignited a saber and jumped towards Gus
"Gus you worry about him, This is my fight....He killed my master"
Jax looked into Zion's cold grey eyes.
"You're holding back"
"I can't kill you....the prophecy said when I killed the dark one I would turn.....-"
Jax stopped
"I've changed time....that prophecy was about me killing Rezillo.....but now Rezillo will not become a sith the prophecy will not exist....which means I can kill you"
Zion stopped and smiled
"So it does....but you will not succeed"
Jax took out another lightsaber and ignited it. The purple blade glowed bright. Jax put his blue one away.
"That....was Phinius's...."
"Yes it was, I always promised that I'd use it on the one who kille him"
Zion's smile faded slightly
"So be it"
Zion slashed but Jax dodged. Jax rolled and slashed at Zion's feet. His blade made contact and blood dripped down Zion's leg. Zion force pushed Jax back but Jax got straight back up. Jax jumped over the seat and attacked. Zion blocked it and sent the chair flying. Zion started to get angry. He was losing concentration. Jax was more agile and a lot faster. Zion's suit weighed him down. Jax kicked Zion in the head. Zion stumbled backwards Jax slashed at Zion's chest. He made contact with the breathing aperatus. Zion gasped. This was Jax's chance to end it all right now. To Avenge his master. Jax raised his blade. But stopped. Zion looked up at him.
"What's the matter Polara? Scared?"
Jax lowered his blade
"Unlike you I have mercy and compassion. Get up."
Zion did so. His lghtsaber was on the floor. But Jax didn't see as Zion reached for a lightknife (Basically knife thats a lightsaber) he stabbed Jax in the ribs. Jax gasped. He looked into Zion's eyes and then At the floor. He concentrated on Zion's lightsaber. He made it ignite and threw it against the wall. The blade was still on and facing Zion's back. Jax yelled and Zion flew back. He hit the lightsaber's blade and it went right through his heart. Zion looked down at it.
"You.....killed me...." He slipped to the floor. Just as Jax fell.


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