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i wasnt stupid.i placed a tracking device on the ship,and it showed it going to a barren wasteland.i zoomed in once,entering a veiw of alot of stars,then on the planet,then past the gravity,then onto a barren wasteland.(like the veiw from starwars battlefront 1) i had noticed a facility on it.i zoomed in and analized showed......area 72?i decided to scan for the area name,and it showed 'egypt'.good news was we had finished gathering dinos.bad news was alot of vehicles were moving fastly across the looked like space ships,only had four wheels,no roof and a machinegun in the back(military jeep).others were tanks..but not as advanced.even if they were traitors,i had to help.i hacked the ships com device with my armband.a pure black helmat of a clone commando appeared on the screen at the cockpit."you better get back here fast!there are over a hundred vehicles coming your way,and an analysis shows that the tanks have missles that are more powerful then any ADVANCED thermal!!!THEY WILL BLOW YOU TO SMITHERENES!ive been monitering some broadcasts of 'movies' and 'tv shows' and they think we dont exist!theyll think your 'aliens'!the planets government WILL place you in custody and detain your ship!GET OUT OF THERE!" i yelled into the com."get out fast if you want to live...get out fast if you want to get back to the galaxy..if..if......." i stopped talking and thought for a second of what i was about to say.i couldnt trust anybody,after the clones...the brothers turned on me.i didnt show emotion at all,and i wouldnt.i hoped somthing could distract me so i could stop talking,and just as if it got through to the master of fate,an earth 'copter' landed and dropped off some dino hunters,as the scanner said."DAMN!SHOOT EM!" was the last thing i said into the com,then for a second it switched to a side camera and showed alot of blastershots and bullets and explosions in the background,right before a bullet slowed and lightly hit the button to turn off the armband.

(by the way,my characters just like characters miserable and doesnt trust anyone,especially after the clones turned.and the warnings before the hunter ambush were his family[i dont know if he has family left.or atleast my character doesnt] figure the last out.and if you figure it out,i meant not me.)

the covenant is invading!
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