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*Flax leaned foward in his seat. He took the time to fix both assassins*

Flax: I shall be honest with you, I do not like assassins and I do not like liars.You were hired to kill me, were you not? Tell me, do I deserve to die?

Yaga Minor.

*Aboard Agric's ship the comm bleeped, the Major turned to his master.*

Major: My Lord, the Commander of the Executor-Class Command Ship wishes to speak with you personnally, she identified herself as the daughter of the Emperor.

*Agric's lip twitched in amusement.*

Agric: Really? Inform her I will recieve her in the communications sweet, and signal Colonel Cody.

Major: Yes, My Lord!

*Agric left the bridge and stepped into the communications field, settling his cloak so as to cover his body he stepped into the holo-field and nodded to the technician.*

*Allysara's image appeared and Agric favoured her with a dazzling smile.*

Agric: Princess! Even as we speak my Commandos have taken control of Yaga Minor station, do not worry, no one will be harmed; unless they resist unduly, of course. I am your Uncle Agric Palpatine. I trust I have your attention.

*Just then Cody arrived in the control centre with 30 Clones.*

Cody: You will surrender unconditionally.

Admiral: This is my command, I will not....*He is drawing his sidearm.*

*Cody's E-11 comes up and he shoots the Admiral in the face.*

Cody: As I said, unconditionally.

Commander: Yes, absolutley!

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