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Ilenia put her hood up once again and looked at Ban, the centaur who had adressed her so properly.

- "You do not need to adress me so politely my lord centaur, for I am not that worthy, but indeed you are correct to suggest that these streets are dangerous for one such as myself, we are in need of guidence since this place is unknown for me and my self appointed protector, Cleon is not familiar with this town even though he said he was" - Ilenia said.

- "My lady it was not my intention to lie to you" - Cleon said.

- "Do not fret Cleon, I trusted you to protect me, I know that even though you do not know the way you would risk your life to protect me and for that I can never repay you" - Ilenia said.

- "And you'll never have to my Lady" - Cleon said.

Ilenia turned to face Ban once more.

- "My lord centaur, as poor as I am I can not offer you payment for your aid, but only my promise to put my power at your disposal" - Ilenia said.

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