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Originally Posted by Darth Smaug
Lucas is not going to make a new Jedi Knight.Academy was the last.
At any rate, when he came home one night, he was about to enter his home when he saw a man standing on his doorsteps. It had been a long day for Michael, and, as such, he was in a tired, grumpy mood, as reflected in his interactions. He walked half way up the steps before demanding, “who are you?”

As witty a quip as the man’s response was, it was fairly slow at that, and was seemingly a bunch of nonsense, somewhat undermining the wit itself. “Pragmatic condescension is the negation of one's belief in the reality of their desires in trade for the belief in the desires of their reality; desire for meaning versus meaning for desire. That is precisely who I am not.”

Michael replied, “yeah, yeah, whatever that’s supposed to mean.. care to say something with the tiniest smidgeon of logic whatsoever?”

“Logic is a meaningless construct in and of itself; it is but a realist illusion, subsidized by the contrived forces of pragmatism. I am the incarnation of the transcendence of logic,” said the Devil.

“Right..” muttered Michael, “why don’t you begin to make sense? Honestly, I’m getting sick of these games.”

“I am the Devil,” uttered the man. Michael subtly shook his head in disbelief. “It is with unrelenting desire that I wish to qualm your dissatisfaction with your life. My proposal should be beneficial to us both, you should know. Quite an economic transaction. You will feel happy, and I sated.”
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