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Viper shot at a few more droids as he entered his ARC 170. He threw a grenade at a barrel of fuel and it exploded. Fire followed Viper as he left the hanger. As soon as he was out of the ship he came under fire.
"Damn droid Tri fighters" he said
He swerved and dodged but couldn't shake the fighter.
He glanced at his screen
"He's got a lock"
suddenly his ship was hit by several missiles. He spun out of control and git a droid starfighter. His shields were damaged. He spun round and round. His ship heurtled to the planet below and he crashed on a beech. the ship's consol was mangled. He rasied his head and glanced out of the cracked cockpit. He saw some wookies coming over. he got out of the cockpit and gasped
"Im here to help" He collapsed gasping for air
He stood up shaking and looked at the wookie homeworld for the first time. He saw all the implacements for weapons. He took off his pilot's helmet and replaced it with his own. He turned and heard the noise of approachings ships....


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