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Sadly, the possibilities I see for a new game are rather limited: Either a game with much Manny but with less LotD, or vice versa.
Indeed, it's a true shame. I'd rather explore a new cast of characters in LotD since it's such a fabulous locations. But all we can do is dream.

Thanks for the compliments! Unfortunately I'm not too good at writing (I usually have great troubles with the beginnings of stories, although not as great as my problems with endings. Middles, however, I just seem to drag on and on... =P )
I'm sure you're being too modest. But I'm not going to press it, since it's really annoying if other people constantly bug you into doing something you don't want to.

I've noticed that there are a couple of budding writers around here, and I love to help proof-reading or bounce some ideas, though.
If you ever have any time, I could use a second opinion on a story I'm working on. I'd rather have someone whom I don't know read it, because good friends are sometimes too gentle with criticism.

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