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Jax woke up to the sound of crashing and Gus's voice.
"Jax, wake up!"
Jax felt faint.
"What's going on?"
He was awear of something being wrong.
He sensed it. He arose from the seat and got out he went to the back of the ship. Sure enough the engines were dead. Even with his skills it would take time, time they didn't have. He remembered that he had been some how transported to the ship. So he turned and beckoned Gus to follow him. He walked back into the room where Zion's dead body lay. He searched the desk and chair. There was a red button. And a circle. He guessed and half sensed this might be it. He beckoned Gus to the cirlce and used the force to push the button. If this worked they should end up back the the republic ship...if not who knew?


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