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Originally Posted by DSbr-FlashRam
Good sir knight, you have the wit of an inbred yokel. You are just as capable of getting our sense of humor as you are of beating us at jk2.
Shut the **** up. Just shut the **** up. Nobody cares about you or your stupid clan. That's all you people can say. Exalt your superiority over other people in some game. Get perspective, *******s. In the grand scheme of life, you are losers. Your greatest claim to fame is being able to win at a stupid little game. I'd not be surprised if you end up living in your parents' basements for the rest of your miserable lives, living out your fantasies online 'pwning n00bs' and all your stupid bull****. I've had it with you.

It's people like you that make online gaming a little less enjoyable for everyone. And not because of the way you play, but because of the way you act. Get a clue.
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