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*Alysara's eyes narrowed. She had no uncles. Father was a single child... well, as far as she knew and Mother had no siblings whatsoever. Despite this, this... "uncle" would now have the ire of her father.... and he would be most unhappy at his bretheren about this.*

Alysara: Well, "Uncle", you certainly have a flair for the dramatic, and quite the fleet you have there. A shame, really, that my father will have to pick it apart one ship at a time. If you are truely my uncle, then you know that father was was favored and has rightful rule. Submit before me, hier to the Empire, or face the consequences....

*She shut off the comm, and turned to her communications officer, shuddering with anger.*

Alysara: Re-enforcements. NOW. And let my father know immediatly to what is happening out here.

Comm. Officer: Aye, m'am. Nearest fleet group is 5 hours away, next farthest out is 5 and one half hours. Total of 15 Star Destroyers, 20 VSD, 30 Cruisers.

Alysara: High Alert, raise shields, have star fighter command be ready for incoming. Oh, *she waved towards the planet* If things get hot, slag that station. It is in the hands of our "enemy".

*She sat on her command chair, and gave herself to the Force. Every pilot, ship, and gun was soon under her influence that was within her fleet. If she could not win this battle with numbers, then the Force would guide her forces to victory...*

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