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UPDATED!!!! 7TH December 2006

MeanWhile In the Outer Rim Some where...

The ebon hawk plunged down into Ziost’s atmosphere, the ship had rocked and jolted as the ship headed towards the hills and barren mountains. The exile tried to control the Ebon Hawk but it only continued to descend towards the barren mountains. Within minutes, the exile had totally lost control of the Ebon Hawk and the ship crashed into the old growth forest. The ship was damaged but it had survived a near fatal collision with another ship that looked like it had been there for four long years.

The exile lay unconscious on the Ebon Hawks main control panel, he slightly groaned as he got his bearings that he was still in the Ebon Hawks cop it room. He slowly got up shakily. He had a throbbing headache as he lifted his hand to his forehead and felt a trickle of blood ooze out of a head wound. He winced as he felt the injury, he slowly re-gained his composure and slowly walked out of the cop it and headed out towards the down ramp of the Ebon Hawk and he observed his surroundings. The lands around looked like desert and he and his ship had crashed in some old trees that now were fallen over with the Ebon Hawn had its front pointed down. The exile couldn’t believe that a ship could again survive a fatal crash and still be intact. He walked a few meters and scouted to see where he was. The place that he was at did not look familiar. He slowly turned a looked at the Ebon Ebon Hawk then made a decision that he would Journey away from his crashed ship and see if he could locate Revan.

As the exile walked, he could slightly feel a very strong presence in the force. He quickly picked up his pace as he felt the disturbance. The hot sun was bearing down on the desert and the exile could feel the heat coming on. He started to sweat from the heat. The force presence slowly got stronger as he was walking. The exile reached with his senses and he could feel two force presences but one was a light aura and the other was a very dark aura. The exile quickened his pace and he turned a corner. He looked up and he could see two people fighting with lightsabers. The exile started to run as he saw the other person who seems to need aide. As he got there, he came to the defenders aide and helped the struggling Jedi defend off the attacker.

“For the Jedi!” yelled the exile.

The defender seemed to be wearing old Jedi robes but he had his face covered in a hood and he couldn’t see his face. As the exile tried to look at the other Jedi’s face the dark sider quickly striked the exile with force lightning. He blocked the attackers force lightning with ease with his lightsaber, he and the attacker started to circle, the defender had staggered back as if he was weary.

“Leave this innocent alone, dark sider” the exile replied, soberly.

He didn’t take his eyes off the dark sider. Weird though, the exile had felt a very strong force aura from the fallen down Jedi Knight.

“Die Jedi!” hissed the attacker as he jumped in to the air and forced the exile back. The lightsabers came to a clash. Lightsaber against lightsaber.

“Hmmm, strange connection to the force you have…” the dark side hissed “So much pain I hear…” it said.

“The force is my ally dark sider, prepare to leave now and leave this Jedi alone,” he replied, tiredly.

His opponent had a strong push on him. The exile struggled to make the dark sider retreat. He had also had a long dark robe on him with a hood over his head. He also had a massive strength as the dark sider could easily push the Jedi exile back, he made him stagger back, but as he staggered, the exile did a flip over the attackers head and concentrated hard on the attacker’s next move.

“Jedi….” It hissed “all you kind are doomed”

“I don’t think so….” The exile replied, determined.

The exiles lightsaber again slashed against the red blade. He knew it was a sith blade. Strange though this life form also had a very strange connection to the force.

The exile could not tolerate any more of this darksider he summoned upon the force and used all this strength to push the attacker back. He made his opponent stagger back. The enemy rolled. The exile half expected for the attacker to attack him again but instead the dark Jedi got up and fleed. The exile watched as the un-known thing flees at a fast rate.

what the? Thought the exile.

the exile turned back down to the Jedi knight who still sat on the desert ground.

“You fight with incredible speed, exile…” the hooded robed figure replied.

He stared at the hooded figure in complete shock.

How did he know I was the exile? he thought.

“Excuse me Sir but what are you doing out all this way by yourself?” he asked, totally baffled as to way someone was all alone out here.

“I have been here for four long years, exile trying to fight the true threat that threatens the galaxy…” replied the hooded figure. He slowly stood up and face the exile. h was still hooded of course.

“I sense the force is very strong with you…” replied the exile, who was intrigued by the Jedi’s force connection.

“Indeed you do, exile. don’t know someone when you come across them?” he replied, firmly. The figure slowly pulled back his hood to reveal the face of-Revan!

The exile stared in shock as he stared at the figure who stood before him is the one he had been seeking for the past six months. So many questions raced in his mind.

“Revan…” the exiles eyes widened.

The older Jedi just stood there nodding his head understanding how much of a shock the exile had suffered at finding his former leader.

“You handle a lightsaber well, exile,” said Revan, firmly.

“I….I…” the exile could only continue to look at his leader in surprise. It had been many years since he had seen Revan.

Revan put his hand on the exile shoulder and gave him a slight smile; he looked deeply into his friends eyes and could see that he had been through a lot since his departure from republic space. He could see that the exile held a lot of pain on his soul.

“I can feel considerable mount of pain from you, exile, you soul bears the lives of the millions of lives from the Mandalorian war,” frowned Revan. “And then, your connection to the force is a unique one,” he replied, earnestly. “You hold a strange new connection to the force I have never felt from any other Jedi”

“Yes…” the exile replied for the first time, sensing the others concern. The exiles face then turned from surprise to depression, he turned from the othher man and closed his eyes in sadness.

“I was a wound in the force…” he replied quietly. “I use to be a Jedi…” he continued “But I gave up the force willingly and lost my connection to the force” he said, wretchedly.

“I see…”

“I aren’t really a Jedi anymore, Revan” he mumbled “I only draw the force from others…my friends….I create bonds and use that to my advantage,”

The exile looked up, and turned from long sad though and turned back to the other Jedi knight.

“I am only a Jedi again because of a former sith Lord called Kreia…” said the exile.

“Kreia?” Revans eyes widened, he thought he had heard the name wrong.

“Could you please repeat that name…” asked Revan.

“Kreia?” frowned the exile “I am a Jedi again only because of Kreia,” repeated the exile.

“Tell me,” said Revan “What did she do?” asked Revan, curiously.

“She taught me how to use the force…” replied the exile. “Se told me I was a wound in the force and that she loved me because of my giving up the force…” explained the exile.

“Interesting…” whispered Revan.

“That old woman crossed my path 9 months ago…” replied Revan “She is my Master…” explained Revan.

“What?” asked the exile in shock?

“She was my old Master,” repeated Revan “I went to her for help, to seek her guidance before I fell…” said Revan.

“How can she be you Master?” asked the exile, shocked. Not believe that the old manipulated witch who wanted the force destroyed was Revan’s Master.

“Let me explain, but first let me take you back to where I stay…” said Revan “We don’t have much time as the enemy will be back with help” said Revan.

He led the exile back to his hiding place where he had stayed for the last 5 years.

“I have heard you have been gone for about five years,” said the exile, earnestly.

“Yes I have been,” replied Revan “I had to leave Bastila and the others because I was the only one that could probably stop the threat that would over throw the galaxy but it turned out I was wrong,” said Revan.

“I met Bastila briefly…”

Revans eyes widen at the name. The exile could see that he had missed her terribly and that he had not seen Bastila for over four years.

“How is she?” asked Revan, quickly.

“She misses you terriblyRevan, she doesn’t understand why you left her,” he said, sadly.

“I had to leave, because no one had any idea that a dangerous threat is about to engulf the entire galaxy all because of me,” nodded Revan sadly. His face then turns to one with determination. “But then I realized that I couldn’t do it alone” he replied. “ I had to send T3-M4 back for help…” he said.

“That’s where I came in” said the exile “I couldn’t remember any thing before I woke up in a kolto tank on Peragus station,” said the exile “I remember your little droid, Revan,” said the exile, smiling. “He’s the little droid that got me and my crew off Peragus, if it wasn’t for him I probably wouldn’t be around today,”

Revan nodded firmly.

“I have been wrong about many things, and it’s now left the galaxy in a bad state. That’s why I had to leave my crew,” Revan said. “I am glad you are here exile, my judgment I have made in the past had dire consequences for the galaxy and I have too fix it,”

“Thankyou Revan,”

“So how was Bastila?” asked Revan “I miss her terribly, I haven’t seen her for years,”

“She is thinking of you every day Revan, shes wondering and hoping that you are still alive. She loves you very much Revan” said the exile.

Revan looked at the exile firmly, he couldn’t but help hold a tear in his eyes that the woman he loves so much was still waiting for him back in republic space.

“I have to get back to her,” replied Revan, decisively.

“You will in time,” said the exile. “In the mean time I suggest that we get some rest,” ordered the exile.

Revan looked at his former general and smiled.

“You are right,” said Revan “Lets get some rest,”

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