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Visas was meditating at the Jedi academy in the Polar Regions of Telos, she was in the training hall where the Exile had sparred with Brianna’s half sisters. A lot had happened since she met the Exile many months ago and now she was on a Journey of her life since she left her last Master. She had met the previous crew of the Ebon Hawk and some of the original crew was among them while she and her companions were searching for the Jedi Masters. Mandalore was known as Canderous and was a great friend of Revan. Of course, Revan had told him to remain behind and see if he could unite the Mandalorians for the fight that would surface. She had heard that the Exile had briefly met another of Revans companions who was an Admiral among the Republic, and his Jedi friend Bastila who was the lover of the Ex-Sith Lord. She had grown stronger in the Force over the past couple of months and some turn of events she had predicted had come true. Visas stood in a meditative state, her stance in the Force had changed thanks to the Exiles influence on her. She had grown to love the Exile but she new that his feelings were on another woman, which she respected her Masters wishes. Visas decided that she would sit down for a deeper meditative state so she could focus her thoughts on strengthening her ability in the Force. She started to chant minor words to her self.

“For the planet Katarr, where all the Jedi were killed…” she started to chant. “For the Exile that had to leave me and go on a Journey for redemption,” She whispered in her head.

She started to get images in her mind of the people she traveled with. Then as the images got faster there was an un-known face she could not make out. The meditated deeper to see if she could get the face she could not identify.

“Show me the face,” she whispered “For all life is connected through the Force,” she chanted again to herself.

She felt the Force flow through her body; it felt like as if a cold breeze was coming over her body. Finally, as the images in her mind started to slow down the mental image came into focus. There in the image she could see a young man,. He appeared to be young and innocent looking and in his mid-twenties. He appeared to not be either her leader the exile or the charismatic Revan but seemed to be some one who did serve the Jedi a long time ago. Of, course she could sense that exile had met him on Dantooine in the Jedi academy when they were searching for the Jedi Masters many months earlier. Visas probed deeper in to the image and finally focused on the boys face.

What does he have to do with any of this?

Finally, she remembers the face of the boy she had met at the Jedi academy on Dantooine when she was with the Exile and Brianna. The boys name was Mical the disciple who served the Republic.

Why am I getting mental images of this boy?

Visas quickly opened her eyes, she took a few deep breathes to calm her self. The Force for some reason was giving her a Force vision of the people the Exile had met but didn’t join on the quest with the Exile. She got up onto her feet and decided that she would try and meditate later when she got more rest. After all she was feeling a little fatigued. She headed out of the meditation room and headed for her rest room where she would ponder the image the Force had given her.

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