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“Revan,” He could hear his name be called by his worried friend. He could hear thousands of voices cal out in terror then suddenly silence. He didn’t pay any attention to the person who was calling his name. He felt cold and he felt like something was clutching to his throat as he was struggling to breathe. He heard wicked laughter as he saw the horrible vision of hundreds of people dying on a Republic cruiser. He was loosing his sense and ability to concentrate as he was forced to take in the vision. It was all over in a second when finally he looked up to find the exile calling his name.

“Revan!” he heard. “Revan! Can you hear me? Are you alright?”

He finally sat up and saw his Jedi friend frowning and wondering what the heck was going on with him. He hadn’t felt any thing in the Force like that in years since he was with Bastila.

“Revan! Are you alright?” demanded the exile, as he looked at his friend, concerned.

He just turned his head to the exile frowning and baffled to what just had happened to him. He looked troubled as he looked away.

What happening?

“Revan, care to tell me what you just happened?” asked his friend.

“I-I don’t know,” he frowned. “It was like something was gripping me through the Force then forced me to acknowledge hundreds of deaths,” he replied, puzzled. “I just felt a great disturbance in the Force,” he frowned. “I think I felt Bastila’s pain,”

“What?” the exile, frowned, as he was completely baffled to what his friend was talking about. “Has the Sith invaded?” he suggested.

Revan quickly gazed at the exile.

“Yes,” he nodded “I think they have,” he frowned, his face showing fear for the loss of his friends back home. “We have to go back to them!” he said, quickly getting up and collecting all his stuff and stuffing it all into his bag.

“Revan, calm down,” he grabbed his friend and made him face him. The exile could see Revans troubled eyes as he look into his friends face.

They’ve invaded.

He could tell what his friend was telling him.
“You will do no good If you rush back there,”

Revan frowned at his friends comment.

“I sense they have invaded, exile, they will end the Republic and my friends if I don’t go to them,” he replied, as he tried to release himself from his friends grip.

“Revan, come to your senses!” the exile replied, somberly “You will only in danger them more if you show up there, I know how important they are to you but you have to think of your safety too!” he shook his friend. “We can’t afford to loose you Revan, you are suppose to be brilliant military leader and the Republic and the galaxy can’t afford to loose you if you die in this battle, you are going to need my help, Revan as your General under your command I suggest that you listen to me, Sir!” he started to go into military mode.


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