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How Far Would Grim Fandango Go As A Film?

It's a game like no other really; a game that deals with the aspect of death and what happens after it. Those who come across this game nowadays though sort of bypass it for something else; a Command & Conqueor or whatever. Grim Fandango though has much more than most games can dream; characters, plot and most importantly music.

Yet if put into the film media; how far do you think it would go in terms of box office or success? How many people would go and see a film based on the afterlife and how it is corrupted? Its definately a fresh idea and one that I don't think can be said has been done before.

Yet if so, how would you first go about making this film? Digital animation of course is essential and how close to the game would you keep that animation? Another factor would be would you split the film into two halves; would it make two films though; theres not really enough it make two whole films and theres probably too much to make one.

But what do u think? One; should GF be a film, Two; How far would it go and three: how could it be made? Really depends on the first question though...

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