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Wow I actually didn't do that bad. 85 kills and 2 deaths on Yavin IV Arena(it would have been 0 deaths, but i was careless at the beginning). I know it's not that great, but there's a pretty cool story with it.

I was playing with my friend who's way better than me, and we where against each other on Yavin IV. I reluctantly let him be Republic since it was his house we were in. He spawned as a Jet Trooper and I spawned as an Assassin Droid (big mistake) fromt the start. I was being careless, and accidentally spawned at the wrong command post, the one furthest from the battle(big temple thing), and he spawned at the balcony base. Since he was a Jet Trooper he just jumped off the balcony and flew complety arcoss the feild to the CIS's balcony base, and took it over with ease. I was sorta mad about not spawning were I had meant to, so I ran as fast as I could towards where my friend was to try and snipe him down. I died without killing anyone. Then I was about to spawn at the base in the middle, but just before I could he took it over, leaving the temple place as my only base. I spawned as a big mislle launcher guy and tried to take out my friend that way, but that didn't work either. By now my friend has gathered reinforcements on all the bases, and I'm losing 180 to 50 (I don't remember the exact numbers, but it was something like that). So finally I spawn as a SBD, and just charge starit towards the left balcony base throwing thermal detonaters, and firing missles at it trying to wipe out everyone there. It just so happens my was there, and the only on left at that cp. So I run towards him avoiding his EMPs until he run out of ammo as he runs to the ammo droid thing I start circling around him firing. I get him down pretty low, and then just when he jumps in the air and starts flying away I kill him with a tri-shot. I then heal, refill ammo and gernades, and capture that command post. My friend respawns as a Jet Trooper and flys towards me to re-capture it. I dodge his EMPs, and then bam, knock him out of the air with a missle. He keeps spawning as a Jet Trooper and trying to fly towards me attempting to sneak up on me but every time I kill him in mid-air. Throughtout the level I killed him a total of 23 times. This is hilarious because in the previous levels he had been utterly destroying me. Afterwards he swore he wasn't letting me win. So anyways 85/2 is my record(which is pretty good for not cheating, not killing people as soon as they spawn, without using a tank, and without having any reinforcements i think), and to be honest I kinda sucks because I hoped I would get a record using a Jet Trooper most of the time. Guess I just gotta go get a higher score.

Jet Troopers kill all!!!!
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