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Fun with Pattern Overlays: Photoshop Tutorial

Inspired by This Thread

Greets Everyone!

Just a small, graphical tutorial I made to explore the wonderful world of Pattern Overlays. Using this particular filter, you can add different surface textures to your skins to add a little "spice" to an otherwise normal texture.

While Photoshop includes several pre-loaded textures, patterns & fills.. I would urge anyone that wants to dive deeper into Patterns to go here.

This site (Adobe's Studio Exchange) will allow you to download even more options.. and best of all, they're FREE!


Anywhoooo... not sure what your screen resolution is, so you've got 3 options. Each "version" is entirely graphical (.jpg's), Labeled in order by step number and in .zip format. I would've used .rar but then I'd get a ton of replies asking for a .zip version *sigh*..

This works best if you open all the pics at once in a program that will allow a "slideshow" style of viewing. This way you can 'jump' to the next step once you've finished the current one.

If you're using Windows XP, the built in Picture/Fax viewer will work great.. though I personally use XnView as it will allow you to use a mouse scroll wheel to proceed to the next picture (plus it's FREE)

If you have the resolution to support it, I'd urge you to use one of the higher res versions (1024x768 or 1280x1024) however, I think the 800x600 version is "acceptable" it's just you lose alot of the detail of the pattern in my examples...

Your Choice of course

I'm working on an On-Line Version, but I don't have a timeline to give for when it'll be done. I'll update or post a link whenever I get it finished for anyone who's interested...

Have fun with Pattern Overlays! ~ ChAiNz.2da

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