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Viper looked towards the sky. He could see a CIS transport through the clouds. He raised his comm to his mouth
"Chazz, get down here now. The invasion has started"
Viper ordered the wookies to prepare what they had now. He walked around whilst waiting for his squad to arrive. A republic drop ship arrived moments later. His squad got out and faced him. His squad comprised of at least one of every single class of clone soldier. There were three snipers, Two jet troopers, one clone commander, two heavy troopers, one clone pilot, one clone technician and ten clone troopers. Viper greeted his men and set them to work. The snipers, heavy troopers and jet troopers were told to take wookied snipers to higher places so they could bombared the enemy. The soldiers set up gun implacements and set up baracades. The technician and the pilot fixed and helped with the wookie vehicles. Viper stood alone waiting for the CIS to make a move and for Chazz to bring re-inforcements.


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