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"Sir, We're Under Fire by Clones!" A droid came up to 187 and said. "No matter, Keep going!" He replied. "Roger, Roger," the droid went back to his station. "Release the Air locks!" 187 yelled. The ship rocked heavily. "Good, Get the fleets ready for invasion," he said. "They're all ready by the Ray Shields," the droid replied. "Then Shut down the Shields!" He yelled. "Roger, Roger," Said the droid. he punched in a code. "Our shields are off," He said. The Droids Swarmed into Kashyyyk, ready to kill clone and wookie. "We're still high ground! Land this thing!" 187 said. BOOM!!!! The Ship hit the ground. Every Droid Pilot and Marine fell to the ground. "General 187, our engines are out!" The droid said. 187 Took out his Commando Pistol and shot the droid. "Mainframe, Shields, and Engines. All we got left is Life Support."

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