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"Oh great..." he muttered. "Okay Delta squad, round up!"
"The CIS mangaed to make it to Kashyyk, we need to get down there!" Gus lifted his comm. "Omni Squardon, we need you to follow us."
"Sure thing, Chazz." Chazz had 8 soldiers: Kataru, Gus, himself, Zea, Bella, Rory, Charlie, and Wes. Theyw ere all well trained, especially Gus. He was the youngest of the eight, but the toughest. Rory, Bella, and Zea were all girls, but oddly enough, this was their first year in the Republic, and they were doing great. Kataru once was a dark jedi, but he turned on his friends and helped kill a sith lord, Charlie was a marksman with great skills with a sniper rifle, and Wes was a jedi. 'This'll be fun.' He tohught, speeding towards the planet with the Delta squad behind him, and the other ten pilots of the Omni squad behind that.

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