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Thanks for the warm welcome, everyone! Jedi Outcast (and JA) are the only games I seem to return to, and it's nice to see theres a still a JK community.

Originally Posted by Darth Smaug
Lucas is not going to make a new Jedi Knight.Academy was the last.
That's too bad. I bought Knights of the Old Republic, but stopped playing it only partway into the game because it was boring. Having no direct control over the character takes away much of the enjoyment of playing despite how good the story may be. JA had a stunted story but great gameplay. JO had a great story and great gameplay. That's what I'd like to buy and play, a Star Wars game, set after the movies, where the player controls a Jedi ala Jedi Knight, with an original story or one gleaned from the Jedi Academy or New Jedi Order books.
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