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The Droids Swarmed in, shooting on sight. Unit 187 stayed in the ship for repairs. "They're outnumbered! HAHAHAAHA! Kashyyykk is ours for the taking!" He said to himself. To his surprise, the droids were getting picked out one by one by a couple of Republic Pilots and Marines. A Droid walked up to 187. "General, We're losing men!" He said. "WHAT?! That's impossible! They're outnumbered by exactly 5.316 Times!" He yelled. "Yes, but it seems there are elite pilots and marines protecting the Wookies, General," the droid said. "WHA....No matter," 187 walked up to the Communications Array Control Console. "Lord Sidious, Are you there?" He said. After a pause, a response came back. "Yes. Is there a problem?" 187 scratched his head and said: "Lord Sidious, We're going to need backup. Sith backup." 187 could hear sidious breathing. "Hold them off, I have visitors. Jedi Visitors. Don't worry, General. I'm sure my new apprentice will turn up sometimes." Sidious said. When the call ended, 187 could hear a greeting to the Jedi. "Hello, Master Win--" Was all he could hear.

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