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Originally Posted by TK-8252
That is an incredibly foolish and naive thing to say. The media is the only industry able to hold politicians accountable for their actions, so if you want to blame anyone for "ripping Bush apart," blame Bush himself. And that goes for any politician, not just Bush.
OMG, ARE YOU SERIOUS!?! You don't read contradicting news stories do you? Either that, you just read headlines. Here, buddy, check out this blog. He does a very good job at critizing the NAIVITY, and generally speaking, STUPIDITY of the media.

Now, back to the topic, I watched Episodes I, and III, again the other day, and I realized, that the movies are actually anti-Socialist (or Democrat, take your pick). The guy in power (Palpy) seems a like good guy, tries to bring peace, using a hippy, "I've seen war, and I don't like it," attitude (think John Kerry). While he secretly takes control of the Republic, by eliminating the Senate's power (think of eridicating States' rights, and creating a strong, federal government). And finally, in a deleted scene from ANH (it's on the Radio drama and here) he pushes for a nationalized (socialist) government.

However, in the end, the Rebellion (or as the Democrats like to call us, The Conspiracy) wins.


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