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Dedicated server switches

I have been searching everywhere for the switches used in running a Star Wars Battlefront dedicated server. I have come up with some answers, but still do not know what all of them are.
I have e-mailed LucasArts and they gave me the usual response of basically "look in the forums and post your question there". Thanks LucasArts!
I would very much appreciate it if anyone could tell me the usage (syntax) and descriptions for the switches that are missing this info.

I have found info for the following switches. I'm assuming they are correct.

/audiomaxchannels [#] - Determines the maximum number of audio channels used by the game
/audiosamplerate [Rate] - Sets the sample rate for all audio up to 44100 KHz
/audiomixbuffer [Milliseconds] - Sets the buffer size for audio streaming
/autonet dedicated - Dedicated server
/bots [#] - Determine the number of bots to add to the server
/difficulty [1,2,3] - Sets the difficulty level of bots, where 1 = Easy, 2 = Medium and 3 = Hard
/gamename [Name] - Sets the server name
/heroes - Enables Heroes (default is no heroes)
/lan - Creates a LAN server (default is Internet)
/noai - Disables all AI
/nointro - Skips the introductory logos when the game loads up
/nomovies - Disables the background animation on the menu screens
/nonames - Disables displaying player names (default is names enabled)
/norender - Disables rendering on your server machine
/nosound - Disables sounds on your server machine
/nostartupmusic - Disables the background music which plays when the game starts up
/noteamdamage - Turns Friendly Fire off (on by default)
/password [Password] - Assigns the provided password to the server, clients need to use this password to join
/playercount [#] - Sets the minimum number of players required for the round to begin
/playerlimit [#] - Sets the maximum number of players allowed on the server
/randomize - randomize map rotation, leave out to turn off
/resolution [width height] - Sets the resolution for the server window
/throttle [Bandwidth] - Sets the maximum bandwidth per client (in KB) for the server
/tps [#] - Sets the tick rate for the server. This determines the maximum FPS for clients
/win - Run the game in windowed mode

I have not been able to find anything for the following.

/netregion [EUR, JAP, NA]
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