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(Indeed I do)

"Good to see you my old friend" Viper turned away. He felt some kind of beckoning. He felt here he would learn a terrible truth. Viper left the others and start walking towards the CIS ship. He kept walking even when his squad asked him where he was going. He kept walking. He came to a clearing by a pool of water. Byt the water was a man. Viper approached him. The man turned and Viper stopped surprised. It was jango fett. He smiled.
"Hello Viper"
"J-Jango. But you're-?"
The image faded. Viper shook himself.
"Pull it together" he said to himself angrily.
He continued walking. He amerged a few feet away from the CIS ship. He looked areound. No one was there. He walked onboard and walked to the bridge. This was were he was being lead. He sat down in the captains chair and looked around. On a screen he saw the battle of Geonosis. He saw Jango fighting with some Jedi and then......Viper looked away. Jango had died because of the Jedi. Viper knew that.
Viper turned. A loan droid was watching him
"I see you are confsued"
"It dosn't matter"
The droid walked across to him.
"Your past and future is not clear"
The droid turned into Jango
"Fight for me"
Viper nodded. He followed the voice to a chamber. He opened it and there was armour exactly the same as Jango's except this was yellow. Viper looked into a mirror. and started to put the armour on. When he had he exited the ship.
"Are you ready to do your bit?" asked Jango
"I am"
"Good then follow me" The droid lead the way forward. Viper watched him. He sighed and put his new helmet on......

(Viper has just turned against the republic by the way)


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