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Aha hahaha! Those screenshots are hilarious. But I don't see why everyone is so surprised at someone killing a Jedi by conventional methods. I can kill Mace easily as a SBD just by using the rocket to blast him into the air, and then the tri-shot to kill him as he falls.

Funny as it is to whatch it's not near as funny as what my friend did on Geonosis(this honestly beats even Kurgan's stuff). He was on Geonosis and was losing so he decided to just kill Count Dooku for fun. So he got in a Geonosian fighter(the ships with the two huge spikes on them) and rammed into Dooku. He killed Dooku 33 times this way. One time he slowly flew up to Dooku, and gently nudged him fowards towards Windu to get them to fight. Since dooku was being pushed by a Geonosian fighter he couldn't fight, and Windu actualy chopped him half and killed him! Another time in the same round he tried gently nudging Dooku again, but this time into a cliff. Pinned there Dooku died once again. Another time in the same round, same ship he got some distance from Dooku, and sped towards him at the highest possible for a Geonosian fighter. WHAM! Direct hit! Dooku went flying and actualy flew across the feild.

Pure hilarium. I wished we had taken screenchots, but it was PS2.

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