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The old man gave a vicious look at Tani. "You youngsters are always sticking your nose into others' business. Go away before I hit you with my cane!" he muttered and came closer, swinging the sharper end of his cane towards her, his eyes murderous. He obviously hadn't expected any of the travellers to ask questions, and he didn't like the surprise at all.

Reaper turned his horse and rode over to Tani. "We don't have time to waste on old fools. Come..." he said and gave a glance at the old man. The old man got the creeps and backed a step before coming forth even more furiously than before. Reaper gave a chuckle, shook his head and turned his horse to leave, leaving the old man to shout after him. "Yeah, run away, you coward!" the old man shouted and muttered something before walking back inside

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