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that didnt last because i
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Oh man March of the Penguins?

I was playing Half-Life 2, amidst Ravenholm, standing atop a roof, waiting at a gutter and headshotting some zombies. I run out of shotgun ammo. No worries, I use my pistol. Uh oh- gone. 357? Exhausted. SMG? You wish.

Grenades! I unholster one grenade, rolling it down the gutter right into their faces, leaving a flaming wreck and impeding their process. I go into the elevator now that it's arrived, however, there's a black headcrab there. Right as it jumps up and attacks me while I have nothing to use but a crowbar, my entire family screams, because of the scene where that thing eats the penguins.

I'm like "JESUS CHRIST" and I run out.

Unfortunately there was a fast zombie at the bottom of the elevator who kills me.


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