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Yeah, I agree, I hardly ever use any of the late game classes. The only ones I really use are the Wookiee, Magnaguard (rarely) and occasionally the Clone Commander, everyone else I almost never use.

The imperial officer just sucks, the jet trooper and dark trooper I find much to weak to use effectivly, and the droideka is too awkward. The bothan is cool, but I think their arn't enough situations for him to be useful, they do have their moments however. Wookiees, Magnaguards and C.C.'s have uses, but all in all I don't really use them that much.

All in all I think the commanders need somthing else going for them beside the commander effect, I mean it's a cool idea, but how often does it really make a diffrence? I think it would be cool if the effect was permanent. Like the imperial officer would have allies deal bonus damage all the time, he doesn't have to activate it or anything. This would encourage people to crowd around commanders to get the effect, and you wouldn't have to worry about activating it at the right time, it's always there! Plus now enemies have incentives to snipe out that pesky commander early.

It might be kind of weird for the magna guard though... Maybe just get rid of the toxin and give him somthing else? Or maybe it could stay, it might be kind of cool to have a poisonous unit you don't want to get to close to, for fear of poisen. (an interesting idea I had, how about changing the Magnaguards recon droid to one of those crawling Octuptarra droid things, it could crawl around, shoot, but it's main usefulness would be when it was killed it would release a neuro toxin, like the magnaguards current ability. I think it would sort of fit, after all didn't they actually use them for that purpose in the EU? also, although it's not as damaging as an explosion, it doesn't have to wait to detonate, it happens as soon as the droid croaks. Good idea or bad?)

Other ideas for commanders, they could have auto spawning NPC body guards, maybe they could hand out supplies, or designate other units as health or ammo carriers, they could capture command posts twice as fast as normal units, or maybe they are the only unit with the ability to capture CP's. Okay maybe that's a bit drastic, but they do need somthing, not necessarily combat oriented, to make them a bit more useful, after all you want to make them worth unlocking...

... and so ends my rant, most of these ideas probably wouldn't work, either being overpowered or just plain confusing, I'm just trying to come up with ways to improve the commander.

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