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Originally Posted by KenobiChronicle
Here's something I found:

Usable By: The Emporer, Count Dooku (Works best with Emporer)

How To: This move is great, because it can do a HUGE amount of damage to somebody, and while its doing it, they can't move. Plus you can do it forever since the Force Bar magicaly regenerates as you do it. OK, so choose one of the characters shown above, and select Force Choke. Now go around untill you find somebody. Now here's the tricky part: Use force choke and choke them, THEN, Press and hold the "Change secondary fire" Button so you switch to lightning WHILE HOLDING DOWN THE SECONDARY FIRE BUTTON. This will make the person get choked and shocked at the same time! They'll be stuck in the air while taking huge damage, And you can do it forever!
you can only do that with force regeneration award

when did you find them anyway because i found otu about a month ago
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