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Originally Posted by Klia
I'm leaning towards no. Grim Fandango has always been about connecting to the characters, feeling the satisfaction of completing it, and exploring the world. If a film did it, then well, you wouldn't be exploring the world.
I also don't see a big market for it.
I agree with you in every sense.
Anyway, I don't think this should be a film. It would loose it deepness to become an adventure movie.

Besides it would be either a 3D movie, which would make it seem like a child film (give me the name of any computer-generated film made for adults or a serious audience, if you think I'm wrong); or acted, and the characters wouldn't be skeletons (I personally think it would be very interesting to see an interpretation of death which includes humans instead).
Even worse: the credits are owned by LucasArts, unless I am mistaken, what would mean the movie would be made by Lucas or Spielberg, and you already know what I think about them.
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