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Originally Posted by Darth Smaug
There is no need of proof....
Actually, yes you do need proof when you make statements like that.

Originally Posted by Darth Smaug
JK is history..

I certainly hope not and I really don't think so. There will be another, after all the hype around BF2 and like dies off...they'll come back.....just like how Hollywood came back to the oldies. They're a sure seller.

Originally Posted by StaffSaberist
It's not that. More likely that they get more money off of Galaxies' latest expansion pack, or the much-rumored KotOR III. Or off of BF II. They don't care about who plays their games. It's all $$$ to them. Follow the money... JK series isn't making as much moolah as they'd like. I do some minor businesswork, and I have seen ideas that lasted for a long time dropped because they don't make money.
Now this is a very plausible explanation and I could see this happening. Then again I think we may be a little pessimistic on this subject. Perhaps they won't release a new JK next year, the year after or maybe a few after that though I'm confident they will come out with a new "JK-esque" game eventually (not KOTOR III).

Then again, this could be blind's purely conjecture though I find it hard to believe that they won't come out with another "pretend to be a Jedi" game.
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